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In the gallery, you will find sophisticated sound and lighting systems. At the heart of the sound system is the Soundcraft 12 channel MFXi mixer with 24 bit Lexicon processing. The mixer receives inputs from the three overhead stage microphones, a Numark CDN22 professional CD mixing console, a 12 input stage box plus there's a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input at ground level for easy connection to user's equipment.

LDP120 Speaker
Soundcraft 12 channel MFXi audio mixer

Amplification is courtesy of three rack mounted, 600W Crown LPS-800 power amplifiers feeding six LD Systems LDP102 150W speakers (4 in the main hall and 2 stage monitors).

Crown LPS 800 amplifier

The Numark CDN22 professional CD mixing console is an easy to use dual CD player with rapid track access using the multifunction jog / shuttle wheels.  Pitch bend can be applied up to 12% for easy track / beat matching and the player is programmable, allowing playlists to be created.

Numark CDN22 dual CD player

The hall is also fitted with a LIC-500R audio induction loop system to assist those with impaired hearing.

Zero88 Jester 48 Lighting Controller
Stage light

The main hall is equipped with several stage lighting bars, centrally controlled from a Zero88 Jester 48 channel memory lighting console in the gallery.


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